Travis Alexander 'The Snake Continued to Eat Itself '

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Inspired by the author’s misadventures of playing guitar in a touring hardcore-punk band, The Snake Continued to Eat Itself tells the story of an alcoholic college dropout’s quest to find meaning and purpose on the road only to discover that isolation, depression, and poverty follow him everywhere he goes, even home.

Written with a mixture of hopeless naiveté and blind ambition, The Snake Continued to Eat Itself accurately chronicles the sad reality of broken dreams and lost love as the nameless main character navigates a world of disappointment, heartache, and self-realization.

“I stared at the closed door for a solid minute, bare-chested. I was holding a ripped beer-soaked tee shirt in one hand and my pea coat in the other. I tried to be rational. I tried hard to calm down. I tried to think of the best possible reaction, so I did what any drunk would do in this situation. I stormed down four flights of stairs, and I bolted full-force into the wall at the bottom of the stairwell with my right fist straight out in front of me. I sunk through the wall up to my shoulder. After a few seconds of struggling, I freed myself from the drywall. I made a hole the size of my torso and just like that, I left.”