Mini Dresses 'S/T'

Mini Dresses has been Boston’s best kept secret for years. Over a slew of EPs and singles mostly recorded at home on laptops, the band has quietly crafted an impressive catalog of dreamy indie pop songs. Their latest release is a full-length, self titled ten song collection available September 15th on Joy Void. The band experiments with a range of sounds - the hazy, slow burning “Fantasy Nails” allows vocalist Lira Mondal’s signature voice to take center stage, while the quick and jangly “Everywhere I Go” recalls the indie-pop of the stars of the Sarah Records catalog.

1. Emily
2. Are You Real
3. Fantasy Nails
4. Hands Down
5. You’re a Statue Standing in the Rain
6. Everywhere I Go
7. Post Office Girl
8. Hired Gun
9. House All Lit Up
10. Division