Mathew Lee Cothran 'Judas Hung Himself in America'

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Mathew Lee Cothran is the songwriter and producer formerly credited as Coma Cinema, and currently works with his current band Elvis Depressedly along with Delaney Mills. Mathew was born in Spartanburg, SC but has in the past few years settled in Asheville, NC. Recorded during a period of sobering grief over the loss of his beloved Grandfather, 'Judas Hung Himself In America' is a collection of songs about looking inward to confront the paranoia and anxiety of living, and how internal struggles project onto the societies we live in. During the recording, Mathew quit drinking after many years of alcoholism, spent 100 hours playing Final Fantasy 15, bought another gun, and enjoyed washing the dishes. He is currently selling a 2003 Oldsmobile Intrigue that needs minor repairs ($1000).

1. america forever
2. let me know (wild life)
3. not mend
4. liquor store
5. judas in america
6. cherry high
7. farrah abraham
8. who did pull the pin of the people?